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Why I Created A Fake Ad Campaign And Sent It To Coca Cola #wtfn

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

By Robert Latimer

When did you last say to yourself, 'Why the fuck not?'

And, I'm not talking about having that second choclate brownie, or another peice of fried chicken - I'm talking about in a small business context.

Admit it - you tow the line most of the time, following this set of rules you think exists somewhere out there, rules that say small businesses can't market this way or that way.

You also hold back a lot. You haven't made that YouTube video yet, because you're afraid, and you hate the way you look or sound on screen.

Some of you might even hold back with your social media posting, and instead of posting content that's true to yourself, who you are and where you came from... continue posting formulaic BS, using words and phrases you'd never use, because you're afraid that that imaginary potential customer won't get it.

Confession Time.

I've done the same. I've followed that pile of shit route throughout the time I've owned and run my marketing and copywrting business.

I could say, it was because I was learning my craft, or an attempt at understanding the rules before breaking them.

But, isn't that just another lie, some inner justification for being scared to reveal my uniqueness? Or worse still, being scared because I'm worried about what people I don't even know, will think?

As a small business owner, the competition from larger organisations who can afford the team of professional marketers, socia media experts and copywriters etc., is phenomenal.

A big business social media page has followers into the thousands and sometimes millions, whilst you're plodding along with 234, and one or two likes a week!

So, to make your mark, comfort zones have to be left behind.

It's time to be unafraid of the kickback, the rejections, and the negativity from unknown a-holes.

In other words - it's time to take a few chances...

Create social media posts you REALLY want to write, that speak about who you are, how fucking great your service or product is, or how it could change the life of some lucky customer!

Write that blog post that you know some people will hate, but you also know others will love and gain some genuine insights from.

And, create sizzling, authentic website words, without pandering to tedious rules, or fear of criticism and algorithms that you don't even understand anyway.

And, why not write to Coca Cola the way I did with an ad campaign for a fake product?

Why would I do this?

Because I thought 'Why the fuck not?' #wtfn

I want to write content for an established brand like Coca-Cola. Firstly, to learn from the inside how a brand becomes such a behemoth, and secondly, because I know I could bring something new to it.

But, as anyone in marketing will know, big corporations have a load of strict policies about who they let into their fold, and they're not going to give too much consideration to an experienced, yet under-qualified freelance ad copywriter.

Still - #WTFN

Here's the fake ad campaign - let me know what you think in the comments, and stop being afraid to step out of YOUR comfortable BS!

Still Coke®. Still Coca-Cola®.

Enjoy the real Coca-Cola® taste, without the fizz. Refreshing as ever, Zero Sugar Still Coke® has been specially created using the original Coca-Cola® recipe, without the carbonation, for those that prefer a ‘softer’ Coca-Cola® experience.

  • Limited Edition – Still Coke® is available in 20oz bottles.

  • Taste the Chill – Serve ice cold for maximum chill, and enjoy the real Coca-Cola® taste, still.

  • Zero Fizz. Zero Sugar. Zero Calories

And here's the VERY polite (probably standard) response Coca Cola gave me -

Dear Robert, 

Thank you for contacting us regarding your proposal.

Coca-Cola Great Britain works with a variety of agency partners to support our advertising, marketing, communications, manufacturing and recruitment fields. Unfortunately, as a matter of policy, we are unable to accept ideas or consider any proposal directly from individuals or business groups outside our company or its agencies.

I am sorry to respond with this news but I would like to thank you once again for your interest in our company.

And I'm not bitter at all, and there's no way I'm giving up! There are plenty of other big brands out there, and plenty of ways I can demonstrate my abilty as an experienced ad copywriter that could improve the way they get their messages across.

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