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Making your website words work.

Make your message clearer with a professional web copy audit from Copy Writes Copy.
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Tired of visiting your own website and cringing at the words? It's not uncommon in a world where businesses create their own websites with the intention of saving money, but don't have the relevant copywriting skills. If this sounds like something you did, then book your web copy audit today.

A web copy audit is a process where we cast a professional eye over the words you've written. Then, we either provide a basic written report with suggestions for rewrites or additions, or, with an advanced web copy audit, rewrite the web copy, with the inclusion of relevant keywords to ensure it works in the way it should.

By getting us to audit your web copy you could gain a range of benefits. Firstly, your website will give your visitors a better experience with improved readability. Secondly, you core message will be clearer. And thirdly, with the addition of the right long and short-tailed keywords, the website will perform better in search engines.

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