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Our Prices for 2024

Copywriting Prices


Quote provided will be based on:

  • The quality of the brief: If the brief you provide includes a detailed writeup with research etc. of what the project involves from start to finish, the duration of the project will be reduced, therefore lowering the overall price.

  • The research required: If the subject isn't one of the many we have worked on, it will require a period of research, the price of which will be added to the final quote.

  • Urgency: Projects that need to be completed urgently may incur an urgent completion fee.

  • The duration of the project: This is simply how long the entire project will take to complete, taking into consideration all of the above.

Social Media Prices

5x short posts (up to 100 words) per week with stock images provided by us or your own images, shared across 3 platforms £350

 If you'd like fewer than 5 short posts per week, the monthly fee will be worked out at £17.50/post


Long-form posts (100 words +) charged at the copywriting fee of £50/hour

Web Copy Audit

Basic Web Copy Audit including Web Copy Report and Basic SEO Report for a website with up to 5 pages £100


Please Note: Websites with more than 5 pages will incur an additional cost based on the hourly copywriting fee of £50/hour.

Advanced Web Copy Audit including Web Copy Report with Professional Copy Edits and Basic SEO Report will be project-based and charged at the copywriting fee of £50/hour.

1 Hour Consultation


If you require more than 1 hour the fee will be charged at £50/hour starting from 15 minutes past the second hour.

We're insured.

Copy Writes Copy is a fully insured copywriting agency holding Professional Indemnity Insurance. See our certificate here.

Social Media Prices
Web copy audit prices

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