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AI Copy Editing for businesses

Professional editing of all your business AI copywriting.
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AI copywriting is here, and businesses across the globe are now using it to create content to put on their websites, to write emails, and even news stories. But, if you've used AI copywriting, you'll know that it isn't straightforward - it needs editing, especially if you want it to sound like your brand, and to reflect its values.

AI copywriting should speed up productivity, and in some cases, remove the need for a human copywriter altogether. However, if you're spending your time rewording paragraphs to fit in with your brand, or deleting 'cheesy' headings, instead of speeding up productivity, you're simply diverting your efforts.

At Copy Writes Copy, we want to end your AI copy editing struggle, and help you create high-quality AI copy for all your marketing output quicker, and cheaper, without losing the human touch your audience, Google, and other search engines are looking for and expect from a business like yours.


How our AI copy editing service works

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Here's a quick example of how we edit AI copy

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Tailoring Keywords for Small Business Success

For small businesses, leveraging keywords requires a thoughtful approach. Long-tail keywords—more specific and lengthier phrases—often yield higher conversion rates as they cater to more targeted searches. They allow smaller enterprises to compete effectively by capturing niche audiences looking for specialized products or services.

Crafting a diverse portfolio of keywords that align with your business niche, location, and unique offerings can significantly impact your online visibility. For instance, incorporating geo-specific keywords (such as "best coffee shop in downtown LA") aids local businesses in attracting nearby customers actively seeking their services.

Our version, edited by a human...

Tailoring Keywords For Your Small Business Website

Choosing the right keywords for your small business website is essential, especially when you add long-tail keywords (more specific and lengthier phrases), as they usually give you higher conversion rates that cater to the audience you want to reach.

To tailor your keywords, we’d suggest creating a list of long and short-tailed and long-tailed keywords that fit with your business’s niche. In this list, make sure to add geo-specific keywords, such as "best coffee shop in Camden", to help you capture some local business. With your list complete, start adding your keywords to your text in as 'natural' way as possible, as Google really hates keyword stuffing! 

Note how our version is easier to read and has a more personal and 'human' feel to it. 

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