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You're going to tap the button at the end of this paragraph.

We're not going to tell you where the button will take you, but our challenge as copywriters is to make you tap it. Keep reading to find out more about how we work, what we charge and how we charge for copywriting, but remember, we also want you to tap the button below.

Tap here

What are your customer pain points?

What frustrates them? What makes them worry, feel insecure, or lose sleep? What do they really struggle with? What gets them angry, and what do they desperately need that you provide?

As a business owner, it's important you know the answer to at least three of these questions, and as copywriters, it's these 'pain points' that help us lay the foundation of all your copy, online and offline.

How do we find these pain points? Simple - we ask.


No business owner wants to be lectured on the workings of a business they know inside out by someone who doesn't work in that business. So, instead of telling you what your customers pain points are, we'll talk to you, your customers, and your competitors.


Then, using this vital feedback, and our own research, we'll craft copy designed to focus on what really matters to your customer base. Give them answers before they've even asked the question, rather than going round the houses, or padding out your web copy with irrelevant fluff.


Does it work?

YesThis form of copywriting is what modern audiences are looking for and the copy we use at Copy Writes Copy - to-the-point, informative copy, that delivers without deviation. And, it's also what Google, Bing, and Yahoo are looking for when they're deciding where best to rank your business in the SERPS (search engine results pages).

Is it 100% guaranteed?

No. Your customers are the same as you. They're human beings with individual likes and dislikes, busy lives and varied online habits. And sometimes, no matter how good your copy, how entertaining, or how tight your SEO (search engine optimisation), no copywriter or marketer can guarantee 100% engagement.


When your copy is good, when it's well researched, honest, written by a pro copywriter in a human tone, and optimised using relevant long and short-tail keywords, it get's seen by more people looking for the thing you provide. And when these people see it, engagement overall is proven to be significantly higher than something poorly written.

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The importance of ROI - separating the good copywriters from the

We're not cheap...

We charge a realistic and fair price for both copywriter and client, based on the research, keyword research, the time the copy takes to write, and the value the copy is expected to bring to your business - ROI (Return on Investment).

As a business hiring a copywriter, it's only right you question what sort of return you'll get on the investment, but where does that return come from?

Firstly, it's not all about the copy.

Yes, when you hire us as your copywriter, we'll write words that engage your audience, using proven copywriting strategies such as creating a narrative throughout your content that draws readers in (sort of like our mystery button strategy at the top of this page).


We'll write in your tone of voice, the voice that speaks to your customer base, and not in a way that alienates or talks down.


We'll create a flow to your copy, whether it's on your website, your blogs, your emails or social media posts, and we'll get to the point using the quickest and most entertaining route.


In short, we'll write your copy with the sole intention of bringing in more ROI by attracting more queries and customers to your business... but there's more.


Your ROI will also come from the time you save having to write your own copy (time better spent on your business), the speed in which we'll create your copy, and the increased volume of copy to add to your marketing strategy. 

Still not pressed the mystery button?

We didn't think you would...


It was just a lighthearted tactic, a way to get you reading, and engaged with our website, and to show you that at Copy Writes Copy, we like to add personality to all the copy we write, even if it is a bit cheesy.


We aim to give your visitors something unique, something they remember, so when they think of hiring you to provide a service, your equivalent to our mystery button will be on their mind.

But, well done if you didn't fall for our 'trick'. Who cares where the mystery button goes? You've come here to hire a copywriter not to play games. So, to get your copywriting project underway, hit the button below, and let's chat.

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