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You tapped the mystery button, but don't feel bad...

This type of copywriting is specially created to keep visitors on our website for longer, which helps us get seen on Google, and increases our chances of adding your business to our client list...


It's also one of many copywriting techniques we'll use to help your business grow.

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But, we need to work harder than that, if we're going to convince you to make contact.

So, let's dig down a bit deeper...

You run a business. A barbers, a mechanics, a bakers, an IT company, a jewellers, a muffin specialist, or a beauty salon. It's doing OK, but it could be doing better, especially with the economy in the state it is.


And now you've come to a copywriters website for help.

You've seen our ads on social media, heard about us via a colleague, or one of our existing clients. Or, you've searched online for a copywriter for business, or a website copywriter, and due to our scrupulous SEO strategy, you came across us.


How did you think we could help? 


We find it's best for the potential client to answer this question at first, rather than us immediately  insisting we know what they want. You're a professional - you don't deserve to be patronised.

But, let's put a few ideas out there...

You don't have time to write your own copy - A lack of time is one of the main reasons businesses come to us for help. You've got other stuff that needs doing - why add writing marketing copy to the list?

You're looking for someone with a skill you don't have - Everyone thinks they can write copy, but unless you've put the hours in, it's not going to be easy. Trust us - we started from scratch!

You need more engagement across your marketing output - Who doesn't? And hiring a good copywriter is the perfect place to start.

You can't write for toffee, and need someone who can - Brutal honesty is always preferred and usually the point from which big things start to happen.

You want to improve your website SEO score - This is the sort of enquiry we get from businesses that know a thing or two about marketing online... and just to be clear, good copywriting does improve your chances on Google.

Or, you might have an entirely different reason for needing to hire a copywriter. Whatever the reason, whether you're looking for a words on your website, a blog or article, an eBook or email, it's now time to tap the button below for a free, no-obligation chat.

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