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Thought your business couldn't afford professional video production?

Why Now?

Because, in 2022 people are watching 2.5 hours of video content per day, and, according to news platform for professionals in media, Social Media Week, "54% of people want more video on top of what they already consume".

Translated - people are hungry for video. A revolution is underway, and businesses with video central to their marketing strategy are already starting to see notable ROI, and significant increases in leads, conversions, and sales.

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Video marketing isn't cheap

In fact, professional video production can cost a fortune. Your business runs on a tight budget. You market on social media. You maintain a website. You send out persuasive emails. These things cost money, so adding professional video production, at around an average of £2500 + per shoot, is more than out of the question for many SMEs.


What if you took the plunge?

You extended your marketing budget, chose a good video production specialist, employed a competent and creative copywriter, and got your most entertaining staff on board to produce your first corporate video or video blog.


Presuming the shoot goes well, you'll be onto a real winner.

Video is powerful!

Think about it – how many videos do you consume in a day? How often do you look for videos to accompany an article you’re reading? And how often do you look up a product after viewing a video?

You're a visual creature.

You’re someone who enjoys and responds to moving images, real people and real places. If you’re looking for a product or service – what better way than to see it in action?

And the stats back it up!

For example, according to Forbes, ‘Using video on landing pages, can increase conversions by 86%’, and, also from Forbes, ‘The average user spends 88% longer on a website with video than on one without’.



Then simply tap the button below, send us a message, and we'll answer any question you have, without any sales talk, or pressure to go ahead.

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Pay Monthly Copy & Video from Copy Writes Copy...

We’ve partnered with award-winning video production service Concept, to bring you Pay Monthly Copy And Video, a subscription based copywriting and video production service, designed to help SMEs and bigger businesses, produce regular, professional copywriting and video content for an affordable, set monthly fee.

What you get...

By signing up for a Pay Monthly Copy & Video plan, and spreading the cost of producing your video content over a year, you stand to make considerable savings on the normal price of producing videos individually.

This means, for a monthly subscription of under £400, your business or organisation could get –

  • 26 professionally produced and edited videos per year, filmed in a fully-equipped TV studio.

  • A script for each video, written by a professional, Copy Writes Copy copywriter.

  • The use of a professional presenter, specialising in corporate video production.

  • A dedicated mentor - to help staff and other performers with line reciting, and to overcome camera shyness.

  • A measurable increase in enquiries, leads, and sales through your website, social media, and email marketing.

Who are Concept TV?

Concept Media

Created by a team of filmmakers and marketers in 2003, Concept TV is a leading Video Production and Full Service TV Advertising Agency, producing world-class content for corporate video, broadcast, and digital campaigns.

The Ultimate Customer Brand Centre

With a Video Production Studio spanning 3000 square feet, Concept TV’s secluded Buckinghamshire HQ, provides everything you need to create, produce, film and edit your videos, with facilities including:

  • A state-of-the-art TV Studio

  • A dedicated sound recording and mastering space

  • Full post production facilities

  • A media freelancer workspace hub

To find out more about Concept TV, visit, then check out the stunning 2022 Show-Reel below, and embrace the possibilities for your business.

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To ask us anything you like about Pay Monthly Copy & Video from Copy Writes Copy, simply leave us a message using the form below, and we'll get back to you with all the answers you need.

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