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Why Human copywriting is better than AI copywriting

Updated: Aug 8

By Copy Writes Copy

A human hand shaking hands with a robot hand.
Can humans and AI work together?

The AI copywriting revolution is here.

There is no going back, but, that doesn't mean HUMAN COPYWRITING IS DEAD.

But, if you run a business that requires a copywriter, and you're on a tight budget, you're probably seriously considering switching to AI copywriting, whether it's now, or in the very near future.

And, whilst we wouldn't blame you for choosing AI, our advice would be to proceed with caution, and think about the potential value to your business you could be losing.

Of course we'd say that - we're professional copywriters, dedicated to producing high-quality, human SEO copywriting for all our clients.

But, putting our desire to protect our beloved craft aside, real copywriters, and human copywriting, really is better than AI copywriting for a number of good reasons.

For a start...

Real copywriters provide creativity and originality that AI just cannot match.

This is because the human brain has the natural ability to think creatively, and formulate original ideas based on real experience, which then leads to unique and engaging copywriting that resonates with your target audience.

AI, on the other hand, relies on patterns and data to generate text, which often can't produce the same level of creativity and originality.

And then we come on to emotional intelligence...

Humans can tap into their emotional intelligence to understand the emotional nuances of language, and create copy that evokes emotions, connects with readers on a deeper level, and influences their decision-making.

AI often struggles to accurately interpret and convey emotions in copy, which can result in less impactful or ineffective messaging.

This counts for contextual understanding too, as humans have the ability to understand and interpret the context in which copy is being created, taking into account factors such as cultural nuances, current events, and specific target audience preferences.

This allows human copywriters to tailor their writing accordingly, resulting in more relevant and effective communication.

AI, on the other hand, may not always grasp the subtle nuances of context, which can lead to generic, or inappropriate copy.

OK, but AI learns, and in the words of the D-Ream classic 'Things can only get better', which they will, in time. But, at present, AI lacks other vital copywriting skills, too, including -

Adaptability and Flexibility

A post-it note with the words 'adapt to changes'.

Human copywriters are adaptable and can quickly pivot and adjust their writing style, tone, and messaging based on feedback, changes in strategy, or evolving market trends.

Humans can also incorporate client preferences, and requirements into their writing, whereas AI requires extensive retraining or programming to adapt to new requirements or feedback, which can be time-consuming and less flexible.

Strategic Thinking

Human copywriters can understand and align their writing with broader marketing and business strategies. They can provide strategic insights, conduct research, and incorporate branding elements into their writing to create a cohesive and effective marketing message.

AI may not have the same level of strategic thinking capability, and its output may not always align with the overall marketing strategy.

Ethical Considerations

Human copywriters are able to apply ethical considerations, such as avoiding plagiarism, ensuring accuracy of information, and adhering to industry guidelines and regulations. They can also make value-based decisions to ensure that their writing is aligned with ethical standards.

AI doesn't have the same level of ethical decision-making capability, and its output may inadvertently violate ethical principles.

So, in conclusion...

Whilst we agree, AI can be a valuable tool in many areas, human copywriting offers a whole load of other advantages, including those we've mentioned, which result in more effective and impactful copywriting that helps your business achieve its marketing goals.

And if you're looking for a HUMAN copywriter...

Contact Copy Writes Copy, a copywriter full of human originality, flexibility and all the strategic thinking your business needs to thrive.

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