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So, you’re thinking of hiring a cheap copywriter?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

By Copy Writes Copy

We make no apologies for the prices we charge for our copywriting services.

Tap this link to see what we charge in 2022.

When you look at our prices you might think they’re competitive, and actually less expensive than some other copywriting agencies charge.

FYI – The average cost of a copywriter in 2022 is £350 - £500 per day

Or, you might think, wow, that’s a lot just for a copywriter! I’m going to look for something cheaper!

And to that we’d say, ‘Go ahead, but at your peril.’

There are 1000s of them

If you type ‘cheap copywriter’ into Google, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your budget. In our research for this article, we found copywriters charging as low as £25 per page for website copy, and on another ‘questionable’ website, £5 per blog post.

OK, why not take a chance with these cheap copywriters? Why not see what they have to offer, and if they’re no good, try another cheap one?

Whilst that might sound like a good plan, cheap and more than likely, poor-quality copy, has a lot more drawbacks to your business than you might realise – but before delving into all that, let’s start with the basics…

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of producing written content designed to persuade the reader into taking an action.

And copywriting is everywhere…

Anything you read from the most mundane of leaflets, to articles in magazines and newspapers, instructions on the back of your toothpaste tube, or on your microwave meal, to websites, social media posts, scripts in TV ads, and the words written on the huge billboards at the side of the road – it’s all copywriting – the act of writing copy.

What is good copywriting?

It’s a broad spectrum, but to simplify it, let’s break good copywriting down into 5 points:

1. Good copywriting doesn’t confuse

When masterfully created, copywriting will deliver its message without ambiguity, using language that most literate people can read and absorb instantly.

2. Good copywriting tells a story

Story is an essential element in good copywriting (even on a leaflet offering affordable drain cleaning), as it draws the reader in, keeps their interest until it reaches its call to action.

3. Good copywriting is polished

Good copywriting won’t have spelling mistakes, and although it may not always follow the rules of grammar to the book, you won’t find basic, unintentional grammatical errors.

4. Good copywriting will engage

Engaging the audience is the key purpose of copywriting, meaning good copywriting will offer the relevant interest, with each line providing the reader with a reason to read the next.

5. Good copywriting will be in the right tone of voice

When you hire a good copywriter, they’ll carefully study how your brand speaks to its core audience and recreate that tone of voice throughout any new copy.

And what about SEO in copywriting?

You may or may not have heard about it, but when it comes to writing most online copy, SEO is vital.

What is SEO?

To put it simply, SEO (search engine optimisation) in copywriting, is the act of creating copy that search engines like and respond to, meaning they’ll rank it high in the SERPS (search engine results pages). In practice, this means if a piece of copy is written with SEO in mind, when someone types in a specific search term, your copy will show up first.

There’s a lot more to SEO than we have time to go into in this article, but in short, a good copywriter will research specific keywords and phrases for your copy, relating to the search terms your potential customers use. They’ll then skillfully (without stuffing) integrate those keywords throughout your copy to help your website rank higher than your competitors.

How does bad copy affect your business?

Ever visited a website or opened a sales email, read the first sentence and thought ‘No. Just no.’, and clicked away? If you have, you’ll know exactly why bad copy is bad for business.

But let’s take a look at bad copy in a little more detail, with these 3 negative effects bad copy could have on your business.

1. Bad copy won’t get visitors to take an action

It’s the main reason you hire a copywriter, isn’t it? You want to get visitors to your website to buy stuff or sign up for your services? Problem is, if the copy doesn’t hold the interest of the visitor, or worse still repels the visitor they don’t hang around, and they certainly don’t spend any money.

And it gets worse – if visitors keep leaving your website after only a short time without taking an action, search engines start recognizing the trend so automatically knock your website down the SERPS (search engine results pages) until you barely get any hits at all.

2. Bad copy will alienate your potential customers

If your copy across your online and offline content stinks of self-importance, talks only about you and how good you are at doing what you do or selling what you sell, readers quickly turn off, click away and start searching for your humbler competitor.

Remember – your potential customers visit your website to see what you can do for them. They don’t care about your opinion of yourself, and they certainly don’t want to be bombarded with your opinion of yourself before getting to the part of your site they’re looking for.

3. Bad copy will confuse your visitors

Copy that isn’t carefully planned and structured in a simple-to-read format acts only to confuse and irritate your visitors. And when visitors are perplexed in this way, they click away, which as already mentioned, gets your website knocked further down the SERPS.

So, if you do hire that bargain bucket copywriter, make sure they offer a free revision, and scrutinize each piece of copy before it's uploaded to your website. And, if your cheap copywriter doesn’t offer a free revision avoid them like the plague cliché you thought we’d write here.


If your budget really can’t stretch to a good copywriter, we’d suggest writing your copy yourself, rather than hiring a cheap copywriter. There are plenty of online tutorials out there to help, including this great article from Semrush, or this one from Forbes.

We hope you enjoyed this short post, and if you did (here's our call to action), we'd love it if you gave it a share.

And, if you'd like any help with your online or offline copywriting, get in touch here.

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