5 Steps to writing a great business Facebook post

By Copy Writes Copy

You’ve created a stunning image…

Maybe you’ve used #Canva or another design app. However you’ve done it, you’re now going to need a description for the body of the post.

In this really short blog post, we’ve listed the 5 key steps to writing the perfect Facebook post. If you find it helpful (which we know you will), please give it a share to let other business owners in on the secrets.

1. Start with a BANG!

You need to draw them in fast, so make the first line pack a punch. It could just be a simple WHAT?!! Or ‘I TRIED!

Note how each of these examples elicit a reaction, and tap into an emotion.

Now for the next line…

2. Get to the point

Now you have your punchy intro, get to the point in the next line. Don’t amble into it, just shout it out loud ‘I’m selling this and you’re going to buy it’ or ‘I’m doing this and you’re going to get involved.

And, if you feel yourself rambling on, DELETE and start again.

Social Media is about hooking the fast scrollers, not telling your life story.

3. Use short paragraphs

And we’re talking really short, even just a single word in some cases, and definitely not more than two lines each.

Again, this is about hooking those fast scrollers and keeping them hooked until they’re safely landed (fishing analogy over).

But, remember, each paragraph must follow on comfortably from the proceeding paragraph. For example:

Paragraph 1 - Use our service, because it’s the best local service in town…

Paragraph 2- And this town really needs our service, because it’s dead without it!

4. Tell a story

A Facebook post is a story, just like a joke is a story, and it’s what keeps the reader hooked.

So be creative, and be sure to put your company’s or your unique tone of voice into it.

And don’t be afraid of a bit of humour.

5. Add a call to action

A call to action is simply a sign-off asking your reader to take the next step.

This could be a basic get in touch, or maybe a ‘tap this link’, or something more inventive.

Whatever it is, don’t leave it out, and make sure you put an easy method of getting in touch or finding out more, such as your web address, email or phone number.

That said – if you’re looking for a skilled copywriter and social media expert, email us at info@copywritescopy.com or visit www.copywritescopy.com to find out more.

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