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Copywriting Prices 2023

All the copywriting prices below are correct for 2023. However, if your copywriting project is more complex, and involves copywriting services not mentioned below, we'll be happy to provide a quote for the entire, individual project, based on:

  • The quality of the brief: If the brief you provide includes a detailed writeup with research etc. of what the project involves from start to finish, the duration of the project will be reduced, therefore lowering the overall price.

  • The research required: If the subject isn't one of the many we have worked on, it will require a period of research, the price of which will be added to the final quote.

  • Urgency: The faster the project needs to be completed the higher the overall cost.

  • The duration of the project: This is simply how long the entire project will take to complete, taking into consideration all of the above.



A chance for us to meet you and/or your team, and to discuss your project and what you'd like your copy to achieve.


Consultations will normally take place via Zoom or Teams, but if you prefer an alternative platform, let us know.

30 Minutes = FREE
60 Minutes = £60

5 Page
Website Copy

We'll write all the copy (up to 3000 words) for your 5 page website, using SEO copywriting techniques, proven to engage an audience.

The price will also include 1 round of edits, to ensure everything is perfect before your website goes live (for additional edits, price will be project based).

Up to 3000 Words = £1500

(extra pages up to 600 words at £300 each)


Whatever the subject, business or industry, we'll write your blogs and/or articles, helping you to connect on a more personal level with your customer base.


Each blog or article will be:


  • Created in your specific tone of voice

  • Written with SEO in mind

  • Written on a Word document, or uploaded directly to your desired platform

  • Include 1 round of edits

1 Blog/Article up to 1000 words

5 Blogs/Articles up to 1000 words each

10 Blogs/Articles up to 1000 words each




Speak to us...

Whatever your copywriting needs, or whatever questions you have, fill in your details below, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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